Colombian Visa Services

Are you looking to live in Colombia part or full time, then you’ll need to have a Colombian visa allowing you to do so.

As a foreigner in Colombia, few things are more complicated or inspire bigger headaches than the process of acquiring a visa to reside in the country. Tales of people getting their applications rejected more than 10 times are common. Colombia is far from alone in this boat. Every year, countries all over the world tighten borders, complicate regulations and make it harder for people to obtain a visa.

In Colombia, there are currently 19 different types of Colombian visas divided into the following categories: business, temporary and resident visas. All visa applications get processed by Migración in Bogota. They are trained in rejecting your application even for tiny errors like typos or misspellings. Every day, foreigners fly to Bogota, stand in line, and spend their entire day just to have their application rejected.

Adding up your time wasted and money spent, you may be better off hiring a professional to help you through the process.

At Cali Capital, we’ve been helping foreigners get their Colombian visa for several years. We navigate the bureaucracy, take care of the initial application online and a have trusted, dedicated team member in Bogota, who has been working with visa applications in Colombia for more than 10 years. With your passport in hand and a power of attorney representing your interests, he makes the trip to Migración on your behalf, saving you the time, headaches and wasted money.

Expect 5-10 working days from the beginning of the application to receiving your passport with your new Colombian visa. Any visa with a duration longer than 3 months qualifies for a Colombian ID – the Cedula de Extranjería. Open receiving your visa you may visit any local Migración and request your Cedula which costs $162.000 COP. Here’s the list of required documents in order to get your cedula.

Price: $350 USD + government fees for application study ($15-50 USD) and visa issuance ($50-385 USD), depending on the type of visa you apply for.

Call/Whatsapp Yessika Marin on (+57) 315-556-0314 or write to to get started.